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Earn passive income ~4-6% APY

We are committed to make Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain

NOOPS is a cardano staking pool

Why staking with us ?

Each month we give back to our delegators thanks to our lottery and loyalty program

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We are committed to make our on-Prem servers as green as possible thanks to our electricity provider.

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A dedicated DevOps team to maintain our nodes and Cardano staking support 24/7

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Who are we ?


Hi, I'm Clément. I will be glad to guide you in the Cardano staking world.
We are here for the tech, we trully believe in Cardano's future.
We want to fully support Cardano network’s decentralization.
Do you want to be part of the journey and invest with us? Join our discord and submit your ideas (marketing, investors, etc...)

NOOPS Pool staking


64M Live Stake
100 Delegators

4-6% ROA Lifetime
100 Blocks minted

0% Fee
60k Pledge

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We will improve our FAQ, don't hesitate to ask us your questions.

When you start to delegate, it will take 16–20 days until you receive your first rewards.
You will continue to receive rewards every 5 days thereafter.
You can check out our article for more details : Rewards distribution timeline

Buy ADA From exchange.
Transfer your ADA to your wallet: Daedalus or Yoroi
Click on staking / delegation tab.
Choose NOOPS and click on delegate.
Follow our guides below:
How to stake and delegate your wallet with Daedalus
How to stake and delegate your wallet with Yoroi

There are two types of fees.
Fixed cost: set by the operator and cannot be lower than 340 ADA per epoch (5 days). This is to compensate the owner of the fixed operating costs for the pool.
Margin percentage: set freely by the operator, a kind of wage. NOOPS only takes 1%
Fixed + Margin % = Total Fees.

Short answer: staking is safe.
A wallet is just an interface with the blockchain to do transactions.
While you are staking your ADA stay in your wallet.
Want to learn more check out our article : Transfer ADA from exchanges to your own wallet

Follow the guide below.
Check out our article : How to stake and delegate your wallet with Daedalus

Follow the guide below.
Check out our article : How to stake and delegate your wallet with Yoroi

You need to have at least 2.17 ADA to start staking.
2 ADA is the deposit (only the first you stake), the 2 ADA will be given back to you when you will stop delegating
0.17 ADA is the cost of a transaction.
So maybe start with 3 ADA to enter the cardano world.

Your ADAs stay in your wallet, so if the stake pool is unavailable your ADAs stay safe. The only impact possible is on the APY (annual percentage yield).
At the end of each epoch the operator knows exactly when the pool will be leader to mint a block. So if the pool is unaivailable during this period it will not mint the block.
With us you are in good hands, we will inform you in case of issue.

We will be glad to answer, don't hesitate to ask any questions choose your favorite channel:

We run a high availabiltiy Cardano stake pool


We are fully confident in our infrastructure thanks to our DevOps team.
Our cardano nodes are deployed on eu-west-4 (Paris) and kubernetes on Baremetal.

1 relay on AWS

On EC2 Paris

1 relay

On K8S Baremetal

1 producer AWS


1 producer

On K8S Baremetal


24/7 alerting

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We will regularly post information about the pool on twitter.
You can contact us by Email, Twitter, Discord and Reddit, don't hesitate if you have any questions or just to say hello.